Aster May Astudillo – Northies Hotel, Cronulla

 Love it here, and I am ever so thankful you placed me in Cronulla! I will never get tired of seeing the powerful waves when I drive down Kingsway approaching Eloura Road. The people are great here; the managers, the front of house, they are all great. I love it here, and have never looked back!

Dale Tolicidas – Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

I am going really well, I am really happy. Work is quietened a little since the Christmas period, and I managed to get off on holiday on a road trip on my own. Life is settling well, and loving my work and life here. Thank you!

John Santos – The Balcony, Byron Bay

I just want to say thank you for your support in helping me come to Australia, and I am delighted to confirm my family will be joining me very soon in Australia! I am so pleased to have this opportunity to provide them with this lifestyle, and I am glad for the opportunity! Australia Chef Migration has helped me professionally and personally in my life. God bless!