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Since 2016, we have brought over 500 chefs and cooks from all around the world to Australia.

Our simple process have been able to guide chefs with the right experience to be placed in the right working environment that they love. Many of our candidates have been able to fulfil their dreams of growing into a highly qualified chef, with many promoted to sous / head chef and securing a permanent residency for a better future for themselves and their family.

Our unique culture of care also makes sure that even years after our chefs have settled here, they can still come to us for any assistance to make sure they can live their Australian dream to the fullest.

Whatever questions or challenges you have, we are still here to support you in your Australian journey.

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Get qualified chefs for your kitchen

Australian venues often struggle to find the right chefs for the right kitchen. We make it easy to source the right chef for your needs.

With a combined experience of 20+ years in the hospitality recruitment industry, we are able to select the right candidate for the right place.

What you’ll get:

– High-quality chefs with a replacement guarantee
– We take care of all the candidate journey from finding them to all of their documentation until they arrive in your kitchen
– No-stress 

Get your chefs now and get your kitchen running smoothly with our help.

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